Super Bowl: Planning the Party

Super Bowl parties are a great time for socializing. Have plenty of activities and food for your guests

Whether it’s at your house, your friend’s place, the bar, or an exclusive location the Super Bowl party is always a highlight for those of us who love football and more importantly, GRILLING. What better time to spend with friends than over a nice game of football with some good food.  Just like any other get together, some planning is involved so that you (the host) can enjoy the day and make the most out of your Super Bowl party experience.

Know Your Guests

First and foremost, you need to understand your guests and their needs. Not everyone who comes to your Super Bowl party likes watching football.  Some may be coming with a friend or just want to enjoy some of your world famous BBQ. Make sure you have a couple of optional activities for these folks to ensure everyone has a great time.

The Menu

Super Bowl menus can be pretty general with tons of finger foods and appetizers.  Make sure you have plenty of different options as well as liquid refreshments.  Some of you may not want to go “all out” with your grilling but easy items like Bacon Wrapped Shrimp are quick to make and are not time consuming to prepare. Other options can be pizza, hot wings, and burgers.

Show Spirit, Have Fun

Super Bowl is about having fun. Decorating your place with team colors and memorabilia such as team flags and stripes isn’t a bad idea.  If “your team” isn’t playing and you are more neutral, football themed or general Super Bowl decorations will make your home inviting and festive.

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