Barbeque Chicken Doughnut

Behold the glorious BBQ Chicken Doughnut!

Yesterday we showed you how to make barbeque pulled chicken in your slow cooker. The recipe was for 7 pounds of chicken. You probably didn’t eat all seven pounds, did you? (If you did, we want to meet you and shake your hand.)

So what do we do with all of the leftovers? Truth be told, as this chicken sits, it only gets better. More nuanced flavors begin to pop and the chicken tends to fall apart even easier. That said, it would be perfectly acceptable to simply eat the leftovers as they are.

However, we want take our Barbeque Insurance pulled chicken one step further and into the realm of breakfast. Have you ever tried a Korean pork bun? Part sweet, part savory, and a little spicy, it is one of the world’s finest street foods.

Using that starting point, we figured why not make a BBQ Chicken Doughnut? Yes, we’re going there. Take your favorite glazed doughnut (or make your own) and put on a plate. Top with shredded cheese (cheddar or pepper jack would work) and warm in the microwave just enough to melt the cheese. Top with a scoop of warm pulled chicken and a couple fresh jalapeño slices and/or green onions. Dive in.

Trust us, it’s fantastic and might be the world’s most excellent breakfast food.

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